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Magicopper Double Protection Fashion Mask + Pouch Set ( Adult )

Magicopper Double Protection Fashion Mask + Pouch Set ( Adult )

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Magicopper is the top brand of antimicrobial nano-copper products from South Korea. It has been internationally accredited and fully lab tested by Ministry of Health Malaysia.
The Magicopper mask has double-layer protection and can be washed again, the antibacterial copper film is the outer layer of the mask, the functional free cloth as the inner layer of the mask, it is a perfect combination of protection, comfort and environmental protection.

Permanent Antimicrobial Effect!

-Strong Antimicrobial layer
- - Helps kill 99.99% of germs
-- Superior bacteria & virus extermination effect Mutual perfect blocking of infectious droplets!
-- Complete prevention of all infectious droplets

💦 Eco-friendly ( 100% Recyclable!)

🌎♻️ Harmless to humans

Smooth and uninterrupted Breathing! (Excellent Ventilation) 💨

-Comfortable respiration
-Complete prevention of saliva droplets
-Helps prevent dermatitis and allergies
- Prevents accidental transmission due to germs on masks
Washable & Reusable!

✅ Antimicrobial

✅ Self disinfecting

✅ Reusable/ Washable

Premium Mask Set Packing Includes:

1.Full Antimicrobial Magicopper Copper Mask
2.Antimicrobial Copper Pouch
3.Antimicrobial/Self deodorizing Cooling inner (opened bottom)
4.Antimicrobial/Self deodorizing Cooling inner (closed bottom)
5.Magicopper Antimicrobial copper insert 6. Necklace
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